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23 May 2021 “Flaviaaa!” Momentarily startled, I glance out of the kitchen window, from where I’m toasting cheese in the tiny egg pan while my coffee brews, to see Belita bellowing from her window in the direction of the alley to the side of my flat. I hear her daughter’s yelled response, from her apartment […]

Abundant People – The 4 Things They Do Differently

I’ve long scrutinised possible connections between abundant people and different aspects of life – in particular, environmental factors – but, no matter how much I stared at it, I could never pinpoint “one thing” to determine whether a person will or won’t embark on a life-long struggle to keep the wolves from the door. Having […]

Why Single Women Need Puppies & Chocolate

Single women have to be work-focused, unless they’re living at home and their parents are providing for them but, that doesn’t seem to be the way in the Western world, anymore. Generally, women by their teens or early-twenties have moved out, maybe they got into a relationship and that didn’t work out, they didn’t go […]

Harness Your Potential

How do you harness your potential? If you’re asking yourself questions such as “Am I capable of more than this?” or “I’m bored at work, what should I do?” or “How could my job be more satisfying or fulfilling?” – then you’re not making the most of your potential and clearly need more of a […]

Self-Worth – How To Increase It

No single blog post is going to rid you of deep-seated feelings of inadequacy that could be either cultural or familial, but what it can do is highlight the unhelpful mindset you’re operating under that’s causing you to sabotage your efforts to go for what you want (whether that’s a better job or anything else…), […]

3 Ways to Combat Job Interview Nerves

  Interview nerves are real. No matter how many friends insist you’re “cut-out” for the role, how brilliant, polished and charming you usually are, if you step into that job interview a sweating, trembling wreck, after a night of tossing and turning and suffering half-awake nightmares of being chased down the corridor of your primary […]

How To Win The Lottery

I got talking with a man a while back who told me his job as a chef made him “burnt out” and he’d decided to go “front of house” (as a server) instead. “Is that what you really want?” I asked him. “Not really. Wanna know what I REALLY want?” He enquired. “Of course! Tell […]