Vague won’t find you a great job – be specific in your job search!

As a member of several expat groups and jobs pages (for obvious reasons) I see faaar too many people being vague in their job-hunting:

Does anyone know of any jobs going?

I’m looking for a job – can anyone help?

I want to be a digital nomad, what should I do?

FFS. You need to be more specific in your job hunt! Why? Because it‘s near-on impossible to find something if you don’t know what you’re looking for! And no bugger can help you find it, either!

(And, besides, are you REALLY looking for absolutely ANYTHING, or would you rather play to your skills, talents, and interests?)

If you ask for anything you’ll either get something crap (at best) or nothing at all (at worst).

But if you‘re specific about what you’re looking for people can think more clearly about where they might have heard about a job vacancy – or they may even need you themselves – so they connect you with what you’re seeking.

Imagine if a total stranger says to you:

I’m looking for a job, can you help? Your brain doesn‘t know what to do with it. There’s not enough clarity for you to take action.

But if that same person says, I‘m looking for a job as a pharmacy assistant, can you help? your brain will go off down the route of trying to remember all the pharmacies you’ve recently been into or walked past, and if you recall seeing a sign saying they‘re looking for an assistant. If you know of anyone working in a pharmacy you might ask them if they have a vacancy. That afternoon when walking past the pharmacies, you’ll check the windows. If you see an online ad for pharmacy jobs you’ll send that person a link.

Nobody can help you properly if you don’t say what you want. So be specific.

Absolutely no idea what job you‘re looking for? That’s OK, that‘s my area of expertise – I’ll get you clear in no time at all. Click the button below to schedule a (totally free of charge) call with me: