harness your potential

Harness Your Potential

harness your potential

How do you harness your potential? If you’re asking yourself questions such as “Am I capable of more than this?” or “I’m bored at work, what should I do?” or “How could my job be more satisfying or fulfilling?” – then you’re not making the most of your potential and clearly need more of a challenge. (The right kind of challenge, I mean, not just an aggravating team leader.)

It’s normal and healthy to seek out new challenges at work as they’re how we grow; they’re how we get ahead in our career and prevent soul-sucking stagnation. 

But how? If you’re feeling frustrated, knowing you’re capable of so much more, then grab a cup of coffee and a notepad and pen, and give yourself 10 minutes to answer the following questions:


1. If you could add more of a challenge to your work (at your current company or elsewhere), what would that look like? (Don’t just think it, write it down! I’ll wait while you do that.)


2. What benefits would that challenge bring you? (Mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually?)


3. In order to make that challenge happen, what would you need to do? (Write down all the difficult stuff you’d have to do that’s right outside of your comfort zone.)


4. What’s stopping you? (Be really honest with yourself: What’s stopping you from doing what you wrote for question 3?)


5. What ideas do you have to navigate those hurdles? (Write down at least 6 ideas, from the illegal to the insane to the quite practical.)


6. Pick out a couple of these ideas that you know you should be doing. (Preferably not the illegal ones.)


7. When can you get started?


8. Write that start date in your calendar.


9. Whom do you need to tell about this? (Maybe for accountability, or because it’s going to affect them in some way.)


10. On a scale of 1-10, what’s your commitment level? (Write that number down, baby!)


You just made a goal! Thank you for participating, and well done. 🙂

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