How to combat job interview nerves

3 Ways to Combat Job Interview Nerves

How to combat job interview nerves
Interview nerves are real. No matter how many friends insist you’re “cut-out” for the role, how brilliant, polished and charming you usually are, if you step into that job interview a sweating, trembling wreck, after a night of tossing and turning and suffering half-awake nightmares of being chased down the corridor of your primary school by your first boss waving a clipboard that’s on fire (just me, or..?) you’re likely to flunk it.
Seriously, I’m staggered that “job interview” can’t be found in the top 10 most stressful life events because, even though the stress is relatively short-lived, it’s something that everyone reading this has tied themselves up in agonising knots over at least a handful of times.
So, how are you meant to rid yourself of that terror you feel on the run-up to an interview? How do you relax knowing that you’re about to be interrogated by someone who has your livelihood in their hands?
Well, I’ve got three sure-fire ways to reduce your pant-papping anxiety about having to talk about yourself in front of someone whose handkerchief – you’re convinced – cost more than your cheap suit (just me, again, or..?)
The reason the interviewer isn’t anywhere close to as nervous as you are is because you’re not the only applicant. If you turn out not to be the right fit – heck, they might offer you the job and you decline! – they’ve got a few others that might put an end to their tiring search for the perfect candidate. And so, in that same vein, if you’ve got a few more irons in the fire, you’re automatically not going to be as invested in the outcome. Apply for many jobs and keep your mind open about what might be a good move.
It’s crucial to remember that you’re interviewing the company as much as they are you. The purpose isn’t only for them to decide if they want to hire you, but for you to decide if you really want to give up 160 hours of your life every month servicing their business. Will you be happy working with their people, being an ambassador for whatever products or services they sell? Will it meet your career goals and development needs? Will you feel adequately fulfilled and challenged? Go in with an attitude of finding that out.
Going into an interview with rehearsed lines would sound forced and… ridiculous! But, at the same time, don’t expect to just wing it. Preparation is learning what to reply to common interview questions that really tells the story of your relevant experience in the best way possible – never bland but always positive and truthful – and then being able to talk about it naturally. So, prepare some brief tales that highlight your past successes, and get clear on your career goals and how they align to the company’s vision.
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Don’t know what 2-way type questions to ask or what type of answers to give?
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