how to increase self-worth

Self-Worth – How To Increase It

how to increase self-worth

No single blog post is going to rid you of deep-seated feelings of inadequacy that could be either cultural or familial, but what it can do is highlight the unhelpful mindset you’re operating under that’s causing you to sabotage your efforts to go for what you want (whether that’s a better job or anything else…), and give you some practical advice to help you override the self-doubt and increase your self-worth.


Richi Watson, founder of LifeWell UK, who runs UK-based Self-Worth Rehab said recently that, in his vast experience of working with individuals to overcome what they perceive to be “self-worth issues”, he has yet to encounter a genuine self-worth issue in any of his hundreds of clients. Richi went on to explain, 


“The problem is people not doing the things they themselves value as worthwhile; that’s the feedback you’re getting. Self-worth will come through the accomplishment of that which you find worthwhile. So, it’s earned.”


In effect, what he’s saying is, you need to identify what actions you personally deem to be worthwhile, and then discipline yourself to do them. When you take these actions that you yourself believe are of value, these actions will give you feedback that YOU have value.


Conversely, if you take actions that you know are of low-value – perhaps you sleep late, over-indulge in junk food or alcohol or mindless social media, accept relationship behaviours that don’t feel right to you, or stay in a job that you know you’re over-qualified for – you’re giving yourself feedback that you yourself are of little value.


The common myth perpetuated on social media these days is that you have to feel good about yourself and feel comfortable BEFORE taking action, and that’s a big lie.


The truth is that you can reverse-engineer self-worth by taking uncomfortable action.


So, what action will you commit to today that will increase your self-worth?


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