snapshots, a rebel’s account

Lisa’ first non-coaching book – a hilarious and touching diary-style account of her life as a British expat, living in Portugal, during the pandemic years…


In early 2019, a well-travelled English lass shifted a couple of suitcases of her belongings from Greece to Portugal. Back then, you might have called her a digital slomad but, even though the internet speeds were in fact driving her slowly mad, it’s a play on the word nomad, meaning she moved from country to country, but not at break-neck speed.

This time her move was with a view to settling down and, a year later, while still in the decision-making process about whether to call Portugal her permanent home, a “deadly virus” gripped the planet and she was effectively tied to a chair, struggling, unable to leave even if she’d wanted to.

This book is a public diary-style account, snapshots if you like, of her emotive, insightful, baffling, sometimes very personal, and often-hilarious anecdotes and perspectives of getting to grips with the peculiar Portuguese culture while navigating the ever-changing restrictions of the global panic. Sorry, pandemic.

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