…so you can stop spinning your wheels!


  • You’re slowly dying inside working a job you don’t love but can’t see a way out

    Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…

  • You wish you could spend your days doing something you actually CARE about

    as your life slips away in front of you

  • And you need help figuring out what’s important to you so you can go do it

    instead of wasting even more of your precious life doing work that makes you feel “meh”

And here‘s what you’ve been doing about it…

  • When Sunday evening rolls around, you refuse to engage with the deepening sense of dread that it’ll soon be Monday morning

    but it’s right there, tapping you on the shoulder, all weekend, every weekend, refusing to let you really enjoy your time off with your family and friends

  • You self-medicate (alcohol, shopping, social media...) to prevent yourself from feeling that ever increasing dissatisfaction with your work which is seeping into other areas of your life

    you lack energy and enthusiasm for those things you used to love – remember them?!

Here‘s a quick life-boosting exercise for you! I’ll wait while you go grab a pen and paper…

Think back to a time when you really enjoyed life – things were different then, hey? Let’s bring some of that back… I want you to write down (writing things down is so powerful, so if you didn’t get a pen, go get one now)…

  • Q1. What activity did you used to do in the past that you loved but don’t bother to find the time for these days?

    Here are some ideas: Singing in a choir, dance or exercise classes, learning a language, boating, hiking in nature, painting or drawing, volunteering, pottery, cycling… What did you enjoy when you had more time and energy?

  • Q2. What could you do about introducing it back into your life?

    If you were going to take the first step toward re-introducing it into your life, what would you need to do?

Look at what you’ve written down. Make that one thing happen, love.

I asked myself these same questions some time back and realised I missed Body Pump! (It’s a gym class where you lift weights to music.) So I found a local gym that offers classes and joined up and, do you know what? It’s given me the energy of a toddler!

I look forward to how much the classes make me feel that I actually get out of bed early on a Saturday! I look better, I feel amazing, and just because I’m doing something I enjoy that’s good for me, once or twice a week.

Listen, nobody is going to make you go to the gym if it’s not your bag. The reason I’m telling you this and getting you to do this exercise is so you can see that you don’t need to give your life a gigantic overhaul to make it more bearable – or even happier, what?! – while you figure things out. Often, just making a small change in a seemingly unrelated area of life can have a gigantic effect on everything else.

Imagine living your life purpose…

  • Waking up and knowing that you get to do what you love every day

    instead of waking up and thinking, “Ugh, Groundhog Day again!”

  • Quitting the ‘rat race’, living your purpose and feeling happy and fulfilled

    rather than repeating the same old frustrating and meaningless tasks, day in, day out

  • Making a real positive difference to people’s lives and them thanking you – from the heart – for what you do

    which is worlds apart from wondering, “Why am I still here?!”

And if you think this all sounds like a fairytale, you can think again – it’s all within your reach.

I’m Lisa Cherry Beaumont and I’m a Career Coach, and bestselling author.

I help people like you to figure out what work will make you happy and keep you motivated and will be MEANINGFUL to you. Sound good? It really is.

Sometimes it’s not the work itself that’s frustrating but the WAY in which you’re doing it – and I help you figure out whether you need to switch career, switch company, or simply do what you’re already doing but differently.

I have enormous respect for people who work long hours in a job they don’t love so that they can pay their bills. Seriously, that takes discipline, determination and responsibility and I’m all for those. But it agonises me when I see how happy they could be doing something else, or just doing things differently.

I don’t want you to waste any more of your precious life not putting your real gifts out into the world.

That was me back in 2011: working 40-odd hours a week in swanky corporate offices in London. I was great at it and it paid me pretty well, too. The companies I worked for were amazing – but I knew deep down it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing.

I turned up, I worked hard and I gave it my everything, and I still felt trapped and unfulfilled, like a square peg in a round hole. I knew there was something much more important I needed to do, although I didn’t know what. But I was determined to find it and now I can hardly believe what I used to put myself through, every single day for years and years…

Samantha McCalla

She allowed me to see my worth and my capabilities and the strength to get through.

I’m proud of myself, my family have me back and most importantly I feel I have myself back.

Finally after years, I am excited about the future. Not just for what I am creating for myself but what I am creating that will benefit those I’m passionate about helping.

I would and will recommend her over and over again.”

Ricardo Escobar

I’m really happy with what I found about myself through the work we did on those sessions. I’m proud of having done them. Coaching fulfilled my expectations.

Natasha Smith

When you work with her you just know she ‘gets it’. She’s not just a cheerleader, she actually helps you identity your dreams and helps you make them happen.

I can’t say enough good things about Lisa and I have recommended her to so many of my friends.

The best investment I have ever made into my life, career and happiness.

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