Warning! English classes with Lisa are addictive!


Do you want to express yourself confidently in English without… stopping… to think..? Do you want to shine at meetings, interviews and presentations? Do you want to learn new vocabulary and idioms, and a native way of speaking? Do you want a fun education that doesn’t feel like school? You’re in the right place. Book a class with me and let’s take your English conversation skills to the next level!


  • For intermediate students, I like to use English learning websites such as Engoo Daily News for current affairs, and Cambridge English for fun vocabulary exercises.
  • For advanced students, I have a long list of business and topical websites so we can read and discuss inspiring articles together to allow you to practise higher level conversation.
  • I have THE BEST guide to English tenses that I’ll take you through with a quiz at the end.


I’ve been private tutoring business English to professional adults for nine years. I’m also a trained personal performance coach specialising in work, careers and interviews, a bestselling author, workshop leader and podcast guest. I attended a selective grammar school with an outstanding record of high achievement in my native England, and worked in consultancies in London for almost a decade. I have excellent attention to detail, communication skills, and a cheerful personality.


  • I’ve traveled to over 30 countries, and I’m presently studying Italian.
  • I’m an author of 4 books, one an Amazon bestseller in 4 categories.
  • I’m a trained personal performance coach specialising in work and careers.


  • I really enjoyed English classes with Lisa. She is an amazing person and a real expert in her profession. Lisa helped me to build confidence in speaking English and to prepare for a job interview at a European agency. I really recommend her as a fantastic English teacher! 
  • Lisa is the best English teacher I have ever met in my English learning journey! She is also an inspiring person who has helped me to build up confidence in my English. 
  • As always with Lisa – great lesson, dynamic and inspiring.
  • A great, very professional teacher! And a fantastic person! Always full of energy and very positive! Love my English classes with Lisa.
  • Lisa is simply the best teacher I’ve ever had! It was amazing how varied and dynamic Lisa used this 30 minute trial lesson to strengthen my English by talking, reading and listening. I’m so inspired and very motivated that I can’t wait for the next lesson.
  • The best teacher I’ve ever had. I fully recommend classes with Lisa.