allegory of the know-it-all

Iron Sharpens Iron – Allegory of the Know-It-All



I almost always paint my own nails because I studied painting and am therefore really good with a brush, plus I’ve been painting my nails for decades since my auntie gave me my first bottle of bright nail varnish when I was a small kid!

But my nail job never looked as smart as when a pro did it. It was always tidy and cute and sometimes fun and decorative but never, “How the feck did she do that?!” And it never lasted beyond 24 hours without chipping.

I’d thought for some time about finding out what they’re doing differently by watching a YouTube tutorial, but had decided that there could be nothing I wasn’t already doing.

I mean, seriously:

1. Clean nails
2. Apply 2-3 thin coats, letting each dry
3. Don’t go over the edges
4. Apply top coat.

What else could there be to know?!

A lot, it turned out. Things I hadn’t even considered could be a thing!

– Use acetone to shift ALL oil off your nails so that the paint really sticks!
– Paint a central stripe and then push the paint to the sides, making it easier not to mess up!
– Stop a fraction of a millimeter short of the cuticle so that it doesn’t flood – a tiny gap is GOOD and looks so much neater!
– Paint the top edge of the nail, not just the flat surface, to seal it and stop it chipping for longer!

How could I have been painting my nails for THIS MANY YEARS and not have figured this stuff out by myself?!

And how much better could my manicure have been and how much longer could it have lasted – saving me a tonne of time – had I known this years ago?

You know that my point is not about painting your nails. 😉 It’s about making that wrong assumption that you already know everything there is to know about that thing you’re struggling with. If you’re struggling you don’t know it all. Who does? Find them, and talk to them. Let them give you those jigsaw pieces that you don’t even realise are missing.

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(Typed this between coats of Cien’s Summer Party No.11 Mint.)