Fun, Love, & Money – The 3 Things You Lose in the Wrong Job

in the wrong job

F.L.M. (Remember Mel & Kim?!)
The 3 things you’re losing by being in the wrong job:
PROBLEM: People in the wrong work usually complain of depression, anxiety, or mental exhaustion, meaning they’re on medication, and/or don’t have energy for their family, spouse or social life – they get home and just “flop” in front of Netflix or the sports channel, wishing Friday would hurry up.
SOLUTION: Understand what work will make them happy and keep them motivated so that they’re not in a constant state of mental and physical incapacity, and so have the headspace and energy for family, friends, and fun stuff – and even learning something new like a language, musical instrument or sport!
PROBLEM: People who are not happy at work are not fun to be around. They’re negative, tired, stressed, disorganised, and self-absorbed. Often, they “let themselves go” in terms of going to the gym, going to social events, getting their hair and nails done, etc., so it’s not ideal for their relationships, either, romantic and otherwise.
SOLUTION: Ensure they’re enjoying the work they do so that they’re more fun to be around, and they look and feel better about themselves, too, which attracts other healthy, happy relationships.
PROBLEM: People hating their job are usually “self-medicating” to relieve the stress, and often that’s alcohol, over-eating, and shopping (clothes, shoes, accessories, electronic gadgets…) and these hobbies cost money! They’re throwing their hard-earned cash (and it IS hard-earned because they’re not happy in their job) into that bottomless pit of a momentary dopamine hit.
SOLUTION: Once they start to do work that makes them happy and motivated, the need to “self-medicate” falls away and they find they have, not only the headspace and energy but, the money for positive experiences such as travel and days out with family and friends.
If you’re in confusion, here’s the solution:
Fun, love and money.
You can’t get the answers if you don’t take chances…
Fun, love and money… 😉
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