I Want To Quit My Job! (Why You Should Wait)

Should I quit my job?

I WANT TO QUIT MY JOB! Here’s why you should WAIT!
I’m guilty of having walked out of jobs – oh my word – I don’t even know how many times over my life! Like, literally somebody (usually the boss) has pissed me right off so I’ve grabbed my stuff and walked out. And I’ve NEVER regretted it.
I’d known on each occasion that I had no desire to stay, it wasn’t my dream career, I’d walk right into another job of equal status (because I’m great at interviews and don’t have a lack mentality when it comes to jobs AT ALL) and I’d stayed too long, anyway. No biggie.
But not everyone who right now is tearing their hair out and screaming helplessly into the mirror, “I want to quit my job!” feels like quitting is no biggie. Maybe it’s just one person at your workplace that is the extreme annoyance, or maybe the stress only began since the restructure, maybe this IS your dream job – or you though it was – but something isn’t working any more.
In which case, hang fire. Stay where you are. Don’t just jump ship, no matter how many days you’ve been crying on your commute, complaining to anyone who’ll listen, and suffering anxiety and sleepless nights.
REALLY?! Yes, really.
Because if this job is important to you, then you need to do everything in your power to make it work. And sometimes that actually is possible.
Listen, I haven’t always walked out of jobs that were causing me stress. For some jobs I cared about, I’ve made an analysis of specifically what wasn’t working, and figured out how to fix it – and then fixed it; I excel at that – because I didn’t want to leave. And this is what you need to do.
The problem is that, when you’re under stress, when you’re working in an anxiety-inducing environment every day, when you’re not sleeping properly because of it – when you’re in the thick of it – it feels so much more serious than it really is, and sorting the wheat from the chaff… well, it feels easier to just throw it all in the chaff bin! But you mustn’t!
If you’re SOLUTIONS FOCUSED (seriously, no whiners for the sake of whining!) and you want to talk to me about the hell you’re going through at work right now with a view to getting to the bottom of it and fixing it, book in with me for a free 30 minute strategy session, here.