The Truth About Passive Income

the truth about passive income

There’s so much buzz around “passive income” that it’s time I gave you my two pence worth.

I’ll tell you what I think, in fact, I’ll tell you what I know: having all the time in the world to lounge around on a beach with cocktails is boring. That’s what they don’t tell you:

It’s BORING. It’s unfulfilling.

You think it’s going to feel like it feels when you go on holiday for two weeks, but it doesn’t. It gets old. You fidget. You long for a purpose, for something meaningful, for something to do that matters. You want to contribute.

In the not too distant past I had enough passive income to live fairly comfortably in Thailand. And then Bali and then Malaysia… I didn’t really have to work. I could potter about, read, go to the beach, chat with people in cafes, go to markets, go on day trips, go to parties…

I’m telling you, it sounds like heaven but after a while it’s not, it becomes your new hell unless you’re ALSO doing something you care about.

Having passive income cannot be your only goal. In order to feel happy you need to find and do something that matters to you. Something that lights you up inside. Without that, it might be fun for a while but eventually, you’re going to be back to feeling empty, I promise you.

By all means, use your passive income to fund yourself while you do something else that’s meaningful.

But a more logical path is to find what lights you up – what’s meaningful to you – and make money doing that.

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