why quit the 9 to 5?

Entrepreneurship – the easy option?

why quit the 9 to 5?
According to Deloitte, 80% of people are working a job they don’t love. (They don’t actually tell you how many of them work at Deloitte.)

I hear people bitching and complaining all the time about their 9-5.

They work 40 hours a week!
They only manage to scrape by on the money!
Their life is structured and controlled by someone else!

Well, I’ve got news for those people:

As an entrepreneur, for the first few years at the very least:

You’ll be working WAY more than 40 hours a week.
You won’t be getting paid for most of those hours.
You’ll wish to hell someone would tell you what to do.

That’s the truth.

It takes a shed load of determination and discipline to forge your own path because:

There are no set hours.
There’s no guaranteed income.
There’s no structure set out for you to follow.

So, why the hell do it? Why quit a job where you’re only working 40 hours a week, you’re getting paid for every one of those hours, and you know exactly what’s expected of you, and put yourself in a situation where you’re working crazy-long hours, you’re not getting paid properly, and most of the time you’re stabbing in the dark?!

I’ll tell you: fulfilment of purpose.

Unless your 9-5 gives you regular moments of punching the air with ecstasy that you’re making a difference in the world, you’re going to feel like something is missing.

That’s why we do it: for those moments of knowing that we’re doing the work we were born to do.

It’s scary.
It’s hard.
But, my God, it’s worth it.


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