Overcoming the Fear of Change

Mobius Podcast Overcoming the Fear of Change

Excellent interview with David Taylor of the Mobius Breakfast Podcast! We began by discussing how emotions are spread from one person to another. Whether positive or negative, emotions impact our daily lives so by becoming aware of our emotions and the emotions of those around us, we can choose how we want to live.

I responded to the question of “how do you find your life purpose” by encouraging listeners to look at their life now and ask the following questions:

  1. What do you waste your time doing?
  2. What did you used to do that you no longer do?

I suggested that by taking small, daily steps, the scary emotions associated with change will not appear quite as monstrous and overwhelming.

My final piece of advice is to gain perspective in your life and daily situations by occasionally taking a step back and then entering back into the situation with a new and refreshed mindset.

David is an intelligent and insightful host and this was one of my favourite interviews so far.