Let go of what’s holding you back

let go of what's holding you back

It’s 6:30 here in Istanbul, Turkey, and I was woken almost two hours ago by the light through the white chiffon curtains around the four poster bed, and the seagulls having a noisy chat about breakfast. I’m in my room in an AirBnB overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, Turkey…

And I feel inspired to tell you something which came from a conversation with another digital nomad I met yesterday…

And this is ONLY for those who are seeking a lifestyle of travel…

You can do this.

(And, in fact, it’s MUCH cheaper than maintaining your current lifestyle.)

But it takes sacrifices, and they are:

Letting go of your home town and all that comes with it, including regularly seeing your family and close friends, a familiar home filled with your own stuff, and a car.

On the obvious “upside”, you also don’t really have to deal with bills.

These things have to go; it’s a choice: familiarity or unfamiliarity. They’re the inherent price of freedom.

You will, of course, get new friends and some of those will become like family…

You’ll get a new home – as often as you move to a new place – and it’ll already be fully furnished…

You can hire cars wherever you go but the likelihood is that you’ll rely on walking and public transport as they’re the best way to immerse yourself in a new culture.

And your new “bills” are flights, visas, transfers, accommodation, and travel insurance.

But because you’ve nothing to “maintain” (house, car, garden…) the financial cost of digital nomadism can be a small fraction of what you pay in your present lifestyle.

And you have a few choices about how to fund your new lifestyle:

Get an online job – loads of companies are now hiring location independent staff and contractors – or start your own business.

Now I’m not saying this lifestyle is for everyone because it certainly isn’t.

Some people are home bods and that’s totally cool! They prefer that security.

But I hear so many people saying they wish they could travel.

And I’m saying, if that’s you, you can.

But you have to let go of what’s holding you back.

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