drama llama, how to succeed

Don’t be a Drama Llama! – How to Succeed in Life

drama llama, how to succeed
DON’T BE A DRAMA LLAMA! – How to Succeed in Life
If there’s one type of person who makes me grab the hem of my dress and run for the hills, it’s the Drama Llama.
You know the one:
They cancel or are late for everything because they’ve had “no sleep”, they can’t make plans in advance because they “don’t know yet” what their own schedule is, they can’t wait to tell you how they have “no money”, they always look like shit because they’re forever “coming down with something”, they always have the world’s “worst job”, and a totally “impossible boss/spouse/neighbour/parent”…
And they are in no way responsible for any of it. No siree, they’re just horribly unfortunate and it all tragically happened to them and they just wish it would stop! (Honest!)
And oddly, the only thing they ARE responsible for is OTHER PEOPLE’S problems which they go on and on about and when you calmly offer the helpful tip that it’s someone else’s problem and they don’t need to be involved, the conversation somehow ends up right back where it started and loops in circles until you make a mental note to avoid them in the future like an unstable toddler with sticky hands.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally fine to talk about your problems – in fact, often it’s healthy and necessary – but not when you’re not solutions-focused and all you do is bring everyone down and do nothing to change your life.
– You’re always running late for every appointment and sometimes you even have to cancel at the last minute because you’re so important and in demand.
– You grab silly food at silly times of day and enjoy announcing to others how you don’t have time to eat properly and tug at your waistband to demonstrate how you’re losing/gaining weight.
– You have a bad relationship (romantic, family, work, or otherwise) and, instead of addressing it, you choose to keep things exactly as they are and bitch relentlessly about it.
– You’re always gossiping loudly on the phone in public places – coffee shops, public transport, the supermarket check-out queue – anywhere where others are held captive to your yapping.
– Instead of staying home when you’re in a bad mood, you turn up to events with a face like a smacked bum and revel in milking the attention you get when people are concerned.
– You don’t take care of yourself properly (diet, sleep, exercise…) yet when you get sick you garner for sympathy like you’re just horribly unlucky with your health.
– You’re in the wrong job and have been moaning about it for years as though there are literally no other jobs on the planet you could apply for.
– You take someone else’s problem and adopt it as your own, and then complain to anyone who’ll listen that you feel powerless to change it.
I told you: grab the hem of your dress (or hoik up your trouser legs) and run, run for the hills!
Stop complaining.
Take control of your life.
Get some healthy routines.
Create some boundaries.
Set some goals.
Discipline yourself.
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