how do I choose a life coach, which life coach is right for me

How to Choose a Life Coach in 5 Steps

how do I choose a life coach, which life coach is right for me

You know, I’ve been training and working in life coaching since about 2012 and I have come across so many brilliant people working in the industry that it makes me really proud to be a coach.

I’ve worked with:

  • confidence coaches who get you over your fear of showing up in the world
  • business coaches who help you to really skyrocket your business
  • career coaches who help you to get into the right job and climb the ladder
  • health coaches who help you to become the fittest, healthiest version of you
  • writing coaches who will get that elusive novel out of you and onto paper
  • music coaches who will get your beautiful voice out into the world
  • money coaches who get you out of poverty and earning what you’re worth
  • mindset coaches who get you out of your own way
  • spiritual coaches who help you along your spiritual path

Oh, you name it! I’ve seen them all and some of them are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Their prices can vary from free or donation (usually for trainees), to thousands for months-long packages, and the quality of work also varies substantially… but not always relative to the price.

Just as there are outstanding coaches out there, there are also some terrible ones! People with no training, or who think that giving you advice is “coaching” (it’s not), or who manipulate you into spending money on something you don’t really need.

Lucky for you I’m here to empower you with a fool-proof method to help you choose a coach that’s not only brilliant but also works for you.

Step one: Read their website and social media pages
Don’t worry about the design, layout and colour scheme, what you’re looking for is whether what they say about life aligns with your own personal values. Get a feel for them. You need to make sure you resonate, you vibe, with what your coach is about.

Step two: Check their testimonials
You need to make sure that these are the type of results you’re looking for in your own life. See what others are saying about them so you can decide if this person has the expertise you’re looking for to deal with your situation.

Step three: Check out their freebies
Many coaches offer a freebie or a low-priced product such as a worksheet, or book or a short course. Get that first in order to decide whether you like the way they work before signing up for something bigger.

Step four: Sign up for a Clarity Call or Discovery Call or Strategy Call (same thing)
This is usually a 15-30 minute chat which will allow you to figure out whether you’ll work well together. You’ll get a feel for whether you trust them which is essential for effective coaching. (Most coaches offer this initial call for free.)

Step five: Go with your gut
If there’s a little voice in you that says, “I’m just not sure about this person. Something doesn’t feel right.” Listen to it. Conversely, if you’re thinking, “Oh wow, this person can really help me get to where I want to be, and if I had the time/money I would definitely do this!” Do it! Just let go and trust, and the time/funds will appear when you make the decision.

I just want to share this info with you because I have seen people get ripped off and I don’t want you to be one of those. Consider it a special gift from me.

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