Financial Freedom… Stop Making Excuses!

financial freedom

My eyes are tired of rolling back in my head from the overuse of the term “financial freedom” as the route to instant happiness.


“Ohhhh, financial freedom – if only…”

Give me strength! It’s the same as, “I’d be happy if I could just win the lottery.” cue gazing off into the middle distance

No, you fucking wouldn’t! Wake up! What are you talking about? If you’re saying that, you’ve never thought it through.

Do you know what’s keeping you stuck where you are? Your mind. And a fat stack of cash will never, ever change that.

You don’t need a money printing machine to do the things that’ll make you happy, you just have to make a list of things that’ll make you happy and start bloody doing them!

A colleague and I recently asked thousands of fledgling entrepreneurs, “What would you do if you were financially free?” and here are the top answers:

I would travel!

Well, travel, then! Stop making excuses that you’re not “financially free”.

If your excuse is that you’re flat broke, move into a dirt cheap house for a bit, get yourself any old job working as many hours as you can, save up a bit of money, sell all your shit and go and do a workaway in a foreign country.

If your excuse is that you’re “stuck” in a well paid job then you’ve probably got a mortgage on a house full of expensive crap. Rent your house out, sell your crap, go traveling.

If your excuse is that you have children, well, newsflash! They let kids on planes these days, you know. Take them out of school and give them life lessons that no suburban classroom could ever provide.

I would volunteer!

You don’t have to own the damn charity, you know. Just go find one that does what floats your boat, and help them out for a couple of hours on a Thursday night. Boom. How hard was that?

I would spend more time with my family!

Throw your television out of the window, problem solved.

Yeah, OK, I know that’s very simplistic but how much time are you wasting on pointless stuff?

And what can you outsource? Do you need to be “financially free” to hire a cleaner once a week so you can spend a few more hours with your loved ones? (The answer to that is no; no you don’t.)

I would write my novel!

You don’t need any money AT ALL to write and publish a novel. Just carve out some regular time to write and get on with it. Then stick it on Amazon, totally free of charge.

What you really need is to stop making the excuse that you’re not “financially free”, and stop believing that you’re trapped and can’t do stuff without loads of money, because it’s not true.

Make a shortlist of things you want to do, and go and do them. Pronto.

Not even sure what’s important to you?

That’s really common, don’t worry. If you’re sick of going round in circles doing work that’s unfulfilling to you, and you want to discover what will make you happy and keep you motivated, book in here for one of my free 30 minute strategy sessions – just stop being stuck because it’s not necessary. 

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