How to Create a Happy Business

how to create a happy business

The first thing you must understand is that the main reason people want to create their own business is because their day job makes them feel soulless and restricted in terms of creativity and time.

They want to work for themselves in order to feel alive inside and to have the freedom to do things their own way.

And so they set themselves up doing work they think will allow them creative expression and time freedom.

But the reality is that a huge proportion of these marvellous, brave people wind up working ridiculously long hours doing tasks they hate and end up just as frustrated as they were at their last job!

At this point they can either bash away at the business until they’re truly miserable, or they can “pivot” (change to a different business). Or, alternatively, they can go back to a day job. None of these is an attractive prospect and all of them bring on feelings of failure:

Why didn’t it work out for me? Am I not cut out for this? What did I do wrong?

Here’s what they did wrong…

They didn’t analyze themselves enough before creating their business: they followed their passion and/or the money without deeply understanding themselves first.

Here’s what they should have done…

In order to create a business that was going to keep them happy and motivated, they needed to know what makes them happy and motivated (surprise!) and most people simply don’t know these things about themselves! (They think they do, but very often they don’t.)

A deep analysis of their history was needed to get this information and, without it, they’ve ended up frustrated and miserable without knowing why.

This analysis is the most fundamental part of what I do with my clients so that their business is built in line with their own needs and not with some wishy-washy notion of what may or may not work for them.

So, if you are thinking of creating a business or if you have a business that’s making you frustrated, drop me a message here and let’s talk about what needs to happen to get you flowing.