You‘ve got a circumstance in your life that you just can’t seem to get a clear solution to, no matter how much you analyze the life out of it.

Round and round it’s going in your head, stopping you from focusing on and enjoying any aspect of your life, keeping you awake, making you anxious, distracted… (You’re no fun, right now.)

It creeps into your thoughts and repeatedly sabotages your best efforts to get on with whatever else you’d rather be – or need to be! – getting on with.

You can’t move on with your life or make decisions about anything important until this is sorted…

You wish you could either just resolve it, or let it go.

Let me help you do exactly that.

What others say...

“I love how you get it. Every challenge I throw at your face, you ask questions and offer answers I can actually use! And it doesn’t matter if you are not in my shoes in many aspects, you still get it. I have kids, you get that. You are into the details, I am not, you get it. I get stressed and confused, you get it. You make a genuine effort to “get me”, as in, really get me. And you actually succeed. Not an easy challenge as I can be rather complex and stubborn, or so I’m told. It is such a relief to be truly heard and understood. And you know what? You don’t make silly mainstream assumptions. How awesome that you knew I was off today. I was, so thank you for your compassion and gentle, yet firm, hand to move forward. You are freaking awesome.”

“I was in the middle of a mojo/confidence/direction malfunction when I met you and you helped me immensely! I can’t thank you enough – I will always be super grateful to you.”

“Lisa’s coaching is magnificent. In the first session she understood me completely and helped me overcome a limiting belief. To overcome this in just the first session was amazing.”

Ready to un-knot your brain?

A one hour call (usually over Skype) with me is $150

You‘ll be taken to a payment page (you don’t need PayPal, just a debit or credit card) and then it will automatically direct you to my calendar to book your appointment.

Questions? Email me at Otherwise, book yourself straight in using the button below.

Want to spend a little time on yourself but don‘t have the money? Don’t worry, I reserve a space for one client a week at a lower cost of $75. If you’d like to apply for the next available one, drop me an email at