Nailed it!!! – The exact words of a recent client after completing this personal values exercise to find out why she’s not happy in her work.

What this exercise gives you is your top personal values. Your Dealbreakers which are what make you stick at something when the going gets tough, and your Feelgoods; the ones that make you feel happy in your work and give you that warm fuzzy feeling of a job well done.

When you have all of these values present in your work you‘re onto a massive winner. You’ll feel happy and fulfilled AND you’ll feel motivated.

It‘s the closest you’re gonna get to inner peace and a lottery win.

Who’s it for?

  • You started your job or business with wild enthusiasm thinking you and it would be the love affair of the century and, a few months or even years later, the honeymoon period is over and you’re sick of looking at it

  • But you’ve invested so much into it. All the training and the relationships you’ve built up. Was it all for nothing?! You’d be mad to just chuck it in now!

  • Or would you?

  • Listen, lovely: My first business was a total flop. I’m not even gonna go into it (because I know you already understand) how much time/effort/money I invested in it, only to watch it never really becoming anything. Sad sad sad.

  • Why did this happen?

  • Because what I was doing wasn‘t QUITE aligned with my purpose. It sort-of was, but not quite. And there’s the crux: To be truly happy in your work and to make it a success, it has to be totally in alignment with your values.

  • You have to understand what makes you tick and then make sure it’s all present in your work.

  • Once I understood this and created a business in true alignment with myself, it’s all going beautifully!

  • This exercise gets these values out of you in about an hour. You answer straight-forward questions on a worksheet and, at the end, it will tell you what‘s genuinely, deep-down important to you, so that you can make sure it’s all in place in your work, so that you can be a success. (A happy and motivated success.)

  • Stop wondering why things don’t feel quite right and learn exactly what you need to put in place for things to flow for you. You owe it to yourself and to humanity to be alignment with yourself.

You‘ve probably done some sort of values exercise in the past. Oh yes, I value SECURITY and INTEGRITY and RESPECT – or COMMUNICATION and CONNECTION and LOVE. But what do they even mean?

I mean, TANGIBLY, what do those words mean? What can you do with them in relation to your lifestyle and business? Let’s be honest: bugger all.

You don‘t need a list of words telling you that you value honesty and respect or whatever because, frankly, they’re pointless without a detailed understanding of what those words deep-down mean to YOU.

The definition of FREEDOM, for example, differs wildly from person to person. Let me give you some examples:

Creativity has an almost infinite meaning. If you identify CREATIVITY as one of your values, you need to understand what it means to you personally, otherwise you could think you need to acting or a painting when really you long to be writing!

A client recently told me she values CREATIVITY. Nice. Wonderful. What the hell does it mean? On its own? Nothing. But what this exercise identified was that she enjoys expressing her creativity through graphic design. Now THAT is something she can use!

Let‘s do another: Another client identified with WELLBEING. Well, that’s a bit vague, isn‘t it? What’s she supposed to do with that? On its own, she can do nothing with it. What this exercise identified for her was that she feels happy when those around her are taking care of their health. (That’s better, eh?)

One more? OK, one client identified that he likes STRUCTURE in his work. On its own that word is pretty pointless. But what this exercise further identified for him is that although he enjoys an element of flexibility in his work, unless there’s an underlying structure to it, he will quit – he will literally walk out the door! What a fundamental piece of information that he previously had NO awareness of!

Here’s how it works:

  • You click the big red "I WANNA KNOW MY DEALBREAKERS & FEELGOODS!" button below, you make the payment, enter your email address and the exercise will be emailed to your inbox.

  • You download the worksheet. You answer a bunch of really repetitive questions and you wonder where the hell all this is going (that‘s normal, don’t worry)

  • You end up with a list of what’s fundamentally important to you and specifically what they mean for you, so that you can build them into your work so you can finally feel happy and motivated

  • You‘re amazed and say things like, "Oh my God, that’s so true, I never realised it!" and "This is the most valuable information anyone has ever given me!"

  • You use the information to change your life

  • You set in motion a chain of events which, because you‘re happier and you’re therefore spreading more joy, makes the world a happier place.

Jenn Cairnie

“If you haven’t done this exercise then you must! I did it and even though I had an idea of what was important to me I never saw it so plainly in front of me before. What clarity! I refer back to my personal values all the time now to see if I’m pursuing what’s right for me. And boy did it light a fire under me when I saw that my values didn’t align at all to my current job. So now I’m off pursuing my higher purpose! Yay!”

Gillian Pollock, Guid Publicaciones

“I met the lovely Lisa Cherry Beaumont just a few days ago and was struck by her vitality and enthusiasm. I’ve just completed a piece of work with her: identifying my key personal values – those things that drive and motivate me. The result is that I now have a list I totally identify with. I can see immediately which value needs working on to help maintain and improve my personal and work life. The list will always be there for me to do a regular values health check to keep me in balance. Lisa is an absolute star! Please do the check, its value is for life.”

Your investment: A few dollars and about an hour of answering questions about yourself, in exchange for all the answers about yourself that you need to be happy and motivated in your work. It really is that straight forward.

Click the red button to get the exercise.