You‘re doing really well. Your lifestyle ticks most of society’s boxes. So, why on earth do you feel like there’s something missing?

    I’ll tell you: Whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, the reason you feel dissatisfied with your life and are lacking a sense of fulfilment is because you’re not living your purpose, cherub.

    Your purpose, or your life purpose is that thing you do that lights you up inside. It‘s that activity that makes you feel like you’re contributing something valuable to society. It‘s that thing you’re just naturally so good at that you probably don’t even realise it’s something you should be getting paid to do.

    And in order to feel properly happy you need to be doing it!

    What you need to get your happy show on the road is:

    • a clear understanding of your life purpose

    • the right mindset that will set you up for success

    • a solid plan of action

    • a partner in crime (see photo)

    I’ve done what you ache to do, you see. I found my purpose and started living it and now have that deep sense of fulfilment.

    A few years ago I was working a corporate 9-5 job in London. My life felt like a treadmill that I couldn‘t get off. I remember actually emailing a friend while I was at work and telling her that I felt trapped. She told me I wasn‘t but I just couldn’t see a way out.

    My job was far from terrible, but it certainly wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Cut to today and I live in a beachfront apartment, living my purpose and loving my life. How did that happen?

    Well, I did it the long way round because I didn’t have a Life Purpose Coach like me to help me and, oh God, you don’t have to go through all I went through to figure it out! Now I know how things work (through years of training and of course my first hand experience) I will save you from the years of mistakes, frustration and hurdles I encountered, and get you understanding yourself and what’s important to you, and taking action to go and do it, in just three months.

    Who is Lisa?

    This is for you if you long to:

    • Know yourself inside out and understand what you’re here to do

    • Find out your true passions and talents and use them every day

    • Feel positive and optimistic and have a smile on your face - even on a Monday

    • Get a sense of deep satisfaction and fulfilment from your life

    In this three month package, you will get:

    • 12 weekly one hour one-to-one phone calls

    • unlimited email support

    • exercises to identify your life purpose, your perfect lifestyle, your own personal values

    • brain training exercises to optimise your mindset

    • accountability


    • a colourful, courageous, grounded, trustworthy coach of excellence who has got your back (see photo again)

    Don’t spend another minute living someone else’s life.

    Liz Newton

    “Life’s absolutely transformed! I haven’t been this happy in years – Lisa’s given me the clarity and confidence to know what I want, both in life and work, as well as practical steps to get there. The sessions have helped crystallise things I was already starting to think, but also teased out other things I hadn’t noticed or realised were linked. Lisa’s very intuitive and really open to understanding each person, which comes across both during the sessions and in the fantastic summaries she sends through afterwards – it’s so enlightening to see everything boiled down and realise that from her clever questioning and my ramblings she’s managed to capture the essence of me. Lisa’s a super-talented, generous and all-round lovely lady and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with her.”

    Natasha Smith

    “I feel blown away with the ah-has and discoveries Lisa helped me make and for the first time in my life I know what I’m doing and I’m doing what I truly love. I feel lucky and grateful for everything. Lisa’s opened up a whole new world for me. I have tried every self-help, self-study course of laws of attraction, manifesting, happiness, but because my career/business wasn’t in line with my personal values and needs, by getting more orders I was actually working against my values and so was unfulfilled and miserable. I cant say enough good things about Lisa and i have recommended her to so many of my friends. The best investment I have ever made into my life, career and happiness.”

    Jenn Cairnie

    “Positive, personable and pragmatic. Lisa is a master at balancing the need to create a comfortable environment for her clients to reflect on their personal interests and values while respectfully challenging old thought patterns in order to honestly answer the question: what do I want to be when I grow up? I hired Lisa as my coach and I highly recommend her refreshing and no-nonsense approach to coaching individuals to identify their life purpose and take action to achieve it!”

    James Chapman

    “Working with Lisa allowed me to break down my goals and create clear, achievable tasks which I could work into my schedule. Having the step by step support really made the whole process easier which gave me much more motivation.

    “I instantly found it extremely useful and effective at organising my life and finally getting focused. Lisa is a lovely, supportive and motivating coach who makes the whole process seem effortless and pleasurable! I would highly recommend to anyone looking to self-improve or expand themselves.”

    Marsibil Mogensen

    “Lisa has a real way with people, getting them to really self analyze and figure out where they need to go, what they need to do to move on to the next level, whether it be professionally or personally. A generous and giving person, she truly enjoys what she does and it shows. I would highly recommend Lisa as a life purpose coach, her input has helped me a great deal.”

    Coral Musgrave

    “By the end, I felt unburdened;  it was intensely therapeutic. I felt I could be honest with Lisa, and by reflecting back, and checking with me, she helped me focus on what was really important to me because I was quite chaotic in my thoughts and really not sure where my focus needed to be.

    “I described it as having had 10 post it notes scattered all over the place, and now they were on one page I could now see what I needed to do to achieve my outcome. Being honest with yourself can be tough, yet Lisa makes you feel safe to say what you really feel, and challenges you to examine why you feel this way.

    “I told my work colleagues about it. Did I recommend it? Of course I did. What I did say though, was that unless you are prepared to do what you need to do to make things happen, nothing will change. Your coach won’t change your life, only you can do that. What a coach will do is help you find clarity, identify what you want, and work on a strategy to achieve this. And Lisa does this very well.”

    “Lisa’s coaching is magnificent. In the first session she understood me completely and helped me overcome a limiting belief. To overcome this in just the first session was amazing.”

    “When I look at where I was, and where I am – I can’t even explain it. I even look different. I have a light behind the eyes and a passion that has been missing for a while.”

    YOUR INVESTMENT? 3 MONTHS OF SHOWING UP AND $4500 (usually $5000)

    If you‘re ready to be THAT fulfilled THAT fast, book yourself in and let’s get started. Your happy life is just waiting for you to show up.

    I can’t wait to speak with you.

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