Your mission, should you choose to accept it,

is to find your life purpose and live it.

I’m Lisa Cherry Beaumont and I’m a Life Purpose Coach.

Specifically what I do is I help people to figure out what’s meaningful to them and create a business out if or find the right work that will make them happy and keep them motivated.

I do it because I don’t want you to waste any more of your precious life not putting your real gifts out into the world.

I believe we’ve all got a place and when everybody does what they love, we are happier and more in harmony with each other.

It pains me when I see people working long hours just to pay the bills – what a waste of a beautiful human being.

That was me back in 2011: working 40-odd hours a week in corporate. I was great at it and it paid me pretty well, too. But I knew deep down it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing.

I felt trapped and unfulfilled. I felt like a square peg in a round hole. I knew there was something much more important I needed to do, although I didn’t know what.

It took me a few years to get where I am, doing what I love and living a lifestyle of freedom. I won’t lie to you, I sometimes work long hours. The difference now? I choose when and where I work, and I enjoy what I do.

And so can you. Watch this video to find out how:


Natasha Smith,

Lisa Cherry Beaumont’s coaching is as impressive as her name and website suggest. She does exactly what she ‘says on the tin’!

I am a serial course-taker, for the past 20 years I’ve been inventing and training for new careers annually – when my addiction increased I began retraining on a monthly basis. The result? I was more stuck than ever – I’d tried so many new things, and some I was really good at, but I was left feeling lost, frustrated, deflated and broke.

Lisa came highly recommended by someone in a fb mastermind group – I visited her website – every paragraph felt like she was talking to me, I wanted to do ALL the packages she offered (which were individually priced – none of this email me and I’ll give you a quote.) Lisa quickly identified my needs and my course addiction and advised me that I didn’t actually need to do all her packages (that was a plus in itself – this coach isn’t trying to sell you services you don’t need.)

I signed up for a month’s coaching – 4 sessions (one per week) each session, the price I’d pay to visit my osteopath or reflexologist.

After the first session, things already began shifting and realigning – like really, really shit started happening! Whilst doing the homework Lisa had set, I discovered a whole new career. The things I really love doing, turned out is a ‘thing’- there’s a job that involves all the things I love doing! Who knew? The 6 keys to success exercise is mind blowing and every time I look at my list of values I laugh to myself and am amazed I never recognised any of them.

Lisa is supportive, intuitive and when you work with her you just know she ‘gets it’. She’s not just a cheerleader, she actually helps you identity your dreams and helps you make them happen.

After every session and still now in fact – I feel blown away with the ah-has and discoveries Lisa helped me make (which I’d only read about with envy in fb or huffington post) and for the first time in my life I know what I’m doing and I’m doing what I truly love. I feel lucky and grateful for everything. Lisa’s opened up a whole new world for me.

I have tried every self-help, self-study course of laws of attraction, manifesting, happiness, but because my career/business wasn’t in line with my personal values and needs, by getting more orders I was actually working against my values and so was unfulfilled and miserable.

I cant say enough good things about Lisa and i have recommended her to so many of my friends.

The best investment I have ever made into my life, career and happiness – bar none.

Liz Newton

I’ve been a member of Lisa’s Facebook group and worked with her for some months now, and life’s absolutely transformed! I haven’t been this happy in years – Lisa’s given me the clarity and confidence to know what I want, both in life and work, as well as practical steps to get there.

The sessions have helped crystallise things I was already starting to think, but also teased out other things I hadn’t noticed or realised were linked in some way. Lisa’s very intuitive and really open to understanding each person, which comes across both during the sessions and in the fantastic summaries she sends through afterwards – it’s so enlightening to see everything boiled down and realise that from her clever questioning and my ramblings she’s managed to capture the essence of me.

Lisa’s a super-talented, generous and all-round lovely lady and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with her.

Kaitlin Snow, Mill & Mast Press Graphic Design

“Lisa was incredible. I was so helped by her insight and willingness to hear me out and help me see that my fears, well, they were totally unfounded. Fuck fear, you guys. She sent me a personalized audio file – my very own meditation on what I needed to internalize about our call and I listen to it every night before bed. More than that, I was guided to create a PRACTICAL, real-deal action plan to truly conquer my own personal hang-ups. Being on the ‘other side’ of how I was feeling is so utterly freeing, and I have her to thank.”

Stephanie von Lukowicz

“I had a very valuable session with Lisa. She is so great at taking the time to ask questions with a lot of sensitivity, empathy and understanding. She then brought the whole thing, which sometimes makes a mess in your head, down to a simple and useful guideline for my private and business live. I strongly recommend everybody talk to Lisa and see what she can do for you!”

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