• You’re slowly dying inside working a job you don’t love but can’t see a way out

  • You wish you could spend your days doing something you actually CARE about

  • And you need help figuring out what’s important to you so you can go do it

And here‘s what you’ve been doing about it…

  • You self-medicate (alcohol, shopping, social media...) to prevent yourself from feeling that ever increasing dissatisfaction with your work which is seeping into other areas of your life

  • When Sunday evening rolls around, you refuse to engage with the deepening sense of dread that it’ll soon be Monday morning

There is a way out. Imagine…

  • Waking up and knowing that you get to do what you love every day

  • Quitting the ‘rat race’, living your purpose and feeling happy and fulfilled

  • Making a real positive difference to people’s lives and them thanking you – from the heart – for what you do

And if you think this all sounds like a fairytale, you need to think again. It’s all within your reach and I’ll show you how…

Samantha McCalla

I found Lisa when I was at a really dark place in my head from work. I was just tired of being seriously over worked under valued and hating the world for making it so hard to care for others!

I was constantly on the road, long hours and as well as hating my job I was being eaten with guilt from being away from my family. I had no idea what else to do that would keep me in the care sector without doing what I’d always done. I felt completely trapped which added to my depression and anxiety.

I met Lisa just at the right time and although really I didn’t have the money to spare, I booked in with her after having a consultation over Skype.

I must admit I wasn’t sure how she would help or if it would be worth it at first but she is honestly so great at what she does.

I had a weekly session with her over Skype and completed the tasks we’d set in between and after only a few sessions we knew what I wanted to create that not only would be a sustainable business but would also line up with my values and the things I need in a business / job to keep me from getting bored/depressed in future.

I am thrilled and proud of what we came up with and she was onboard totally and was as excited about it as I am.

I have already given her details to my partner who was just made redundant and doesn’t know what to do now.

I feel I have made a true contact / friend for life; we’ve laughed and cried together at different points in my journey and if it wasn’t for her I honestly don’t think I would be here today… I was having panic attacks while driving on the motorway on my way to work because I felt trapped.

She allowed me to see my worth and my capabilities and the strength to get through.

I’m proud of myself, my family have me back and most importantly I feel I have myself back.

Finally after years, I am excited about the future. Not just for what I am creating for myself but what I am creating that will benefit those I’m passionate about helping; the elderly with dementia. I would and will recommend her over and over again.”

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So, you’re still here, are you?

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