Right Here Right Now: How Photography Brings Inner Peace

right here right now web box “Put your camera away and be in the moment!”

If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a hundred times. And it sounds like good advice, doesn’t it?

How can I possibly be enjoying the present if I’m focused on taking photos?

How can I immerse myself in the here and now if all I’m thinking about is getting a good shot?

Well, conversely, I’m the OTHER WAY AROUND. If I don’t have a job to do, my mind wanders. I’m thinking about my bank account, replaying old conversations, debating with myself where to go for lunch – all sorts of nonsense – anything but noticing and enjoying what’s around me.

I’ve noticed the only times I’m actually present are when my mind is occupied doing something. When left to its own devices, off it goes.

And I’ve found that giving it the job to find beautiful things to take photos of stops the hamster wheel of bullshit dead in its tracks, and brings it into the present moment.

Taking photos is a mindfulness meditation for me. It focuses me on the beauty that’s surrounding me, forcing me to notice the colours, the contrasts, the life that is over my head, surrounding my body, and beneath my feet.

Would I like to be able to do this without a camera? Of course! Can I? Not always, but the more I practise looking for the beauty around me armed with my camera, the more I’m training my brain to seek these things out even when I’m not taking photos.

This may or may not work for other people – we all have our own ways – but it definitely works for me.

I’m a life coach specialising in helping people to live more authentically; in line with their own personal values. I really listen to my clients and work with them to create bespoke techniques that are just right for them.

All my methods are tailored specifically for each individual.

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  1. Bessy
    Bessy says:

    I love your article Lisa, I do agree that you totally are “in the moment” when you’re focusing your camera on your objective!
    Ever since I started taking a picture of my daily salad for my personal food mood diary, I noticed that I became even more excited about my salads! They became my little ephemeral pieces of art! Life is so good when you focus on something creative 🙂
    May 2015 be filled with joy, growth and connection!

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