Jump, & Your Wings Will Appear

jump & your wings will appear

Question: What is the effing point of setting life-changing goals for yourself without growing the balls needed to take action? Answer: None. At. All.

If you ain’t gonna do the work you may as well resign yourself to a life of mediocrity – and you don’t want that, you fun-lovin’ criminal, do you? Hell, no!

If you DO want a mediocre life you can stop reading. If you’re subscribed to my ezine, unsubscribe because I’m not for you; I only work with those who want to create their own version of a freakin’ excellent life.

Still reading? Outstanding! Now we’ve weeded out them that wanna carry on living a crappy or stressful life, and are left with YOU who wants to live happily, authentically AND abundantly, we can get back to the point – yeehaa!

Recently, I created a free short exercise to help you create a goal. Get it here if you missed it – it’s quick, simple and excellent.

Now you’ve got a goal – and you’ve written it down with a date on it! – we need to be sure you’re in an optimal mindset to make it a reality.

The biggest, most destructive issue I come across with my clients is fear of taking action because they don’t know what the outcome will be. I mean, ridiculous, when you think about it, but very common.

Of COURSE we don’t know for certain what the outcome will be in ANY given situation, but the point is that, in order to get anywhere (including just a trip to the shops, for Pete’s sake), we have to take risks, and risks can be SCARY, especially when faced with something we haven’t done before.

So, one of the things I do is work with people to help get them over their fear of moving forward.

There are LOADS of techniques for this and when working with a client I tailor it to suit them and we keep at it until they’re feeling confident and adventurous.

I’ll let you into a secret: removing fear with my clients is so important to me that, often after a session, I punch the air, then burst into tears of happiness knowing that they’re taking steps toward their happiest life. If you want an instant technique that has proven effective for many people I recommend you try my 5 minute positive mindset meditation – it’s FREE and I promise I don’t burst into tears, haha – and what it helps with is the realisation that, no matter how alone you may feel on your way to reaching your dream life, you are in fact fully supported.

And it’s SO important that you really feel this. Those who have studied psychology will know that children are much more confident and adventurous if they know that their parents are there in the background ready to pick them up when they fall down.

And for YOU, my lovely, to feel confident and adventurous – enough to take the steps to follow your dreams – you need to know that…


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