How to Support our Sisters, with Integrity

how to support our sisters with integrity
I’m in a few female-only entrepreneur groups and I keep seeing something that’s seriously pissing me off: women encouraging other women to charge the price of a new car for work they don’t know how to do.

I understand how important it is to support our sisters, but for the love of holy God, can you not see the damage you’re doing when you’re telling them, “Congratulations, you’ve got this!” when they’ve somehow managed to convince someone to hand over thousands of dollars for a service they don’t have a firm grasp of?

It’s insane! Stop it!

I’m finding if I comment with something like, “What experience do you have of doing this?” or “Do you have a successful business of your own in order to teach others how to do it?” I’m viciously attacked for being “unsupportive” or “giving bad vibes” when all I’m trying to do is protect their customers from major disappointment.

I’m all for positivity and encouragement, I really am. (Anyone who knows me knows this full well.) But, above all, I’m for truth and honesty and I simply cannot and will not stand by and watch people charging for services they’re not “qualified” for. (And when I say “qualified”, I don’t mean they necessarily need a certificate, I mean they need to have experience; they need to be really good at it!)

You wouldn’t hire an obese person to help you with fitness. (Duh!)
You wouldn’t hire a life coach who can’t get their own act together to help you sort your life out.
You wouldn’t hire a business coach who doesn’t have any fucking business experience!

Yet, here y’all are, the “girl power” brigade, waving flags for those who are bumbling around in the dark with no idea what they’re doing, and taking money off others for doing so. It’s not right.

While you think you’re doing the world a favour by bigging-up these ladies, what you’re actually doing is facilitating their customers losing money on a service that won’t measure up to their expectations.

If you want to encourage our sisters who are inexperienced in their trade, encourage them to get some training. Encourage them to take on practice clients and do the work for free in exchange for honest feedback so that they can learn and improve. Encourage them to offer an exchange of services (with full disclosure of their level of experience), until they’re at a level that they’re able to actually deliver what they’re promising and can, in all honesty, charge proper money for it.

I’m a Life Purpose Coach and I encourage my clients, once we’ve figured out the work that will make them happy and keep them motivated, to go ahead and practise, have fun with it, get feedback and hone their skills before putting it out into the world. This way they widen their network, become known for their skills in an authentic way, and become confident in delivering something of quality and value.

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