Eliminate Groundhog Day

eliminate groundhog day

For the love of God, at last, it’s Friday!

Two days off! What a privilege, eh?! 

How lucky you are that ‘someone else’ has decided you can have a little break.  

Does it feel like that to you, darling? I really hope it doesn’t but, if it does, I’ve written this post just for YOU.   Because I used to feel like that, you know. That my life wasn’t my own. That my time was owned by who I worked for. That there weren’t enough hours in a day, or enough days in a week, to do what I wanted to.   Workdays dragged – Jesus, is it not 5 o’clock yet?!   Yet, the days, weeks, months… slipped away. How can it be the 14th November already?! Wasn’t I going to [write that book / learn Spanish / visit my friends in London / join that yoga class / set up my website] before Christmas? Christ, I’ve only six weeks left; where’s the time gone?!   And I realised it was all to do with my own mindset, and NOT because someone else owned me – because of course they bloodywell didn’t!   And it makes me sad to think that you might also be stuck in this “someone else owns my time” mindset trap, because I want you to be happy. I really bloody do; I mean it.  

I want you to flourish. I want you to create. I want you to relax and smile and take in the wonder of life. And I want you to be the best and happiest version of yourself that you can possibly be.

I don’t want you to be like I was, running on a treadmill as fast as you can, just managing to keep up yet not finding the time to do what makes you happy and fulfilled – that’s not how it’s meant to be.   It’s not, love, honest, it’s not. That’s where stress comes from and stress is not our natural state.   So, in my next couple of blog posts, I’m going to abolish your crap and get you started. Here’s where we begin. We’ll do it together:  

1) Get a pen and paper. (I’ve got mine here. You go get one now, I’ll wait.)   No, I mean it. Go get a biro and a bit of paper.   Seriously, get the pen and paper.   I’m not jesting; get the pen and paper. NOW. Go on. (I love you.)  

2) Write down that thing you wanted to do before the end of the year.   For me it’s to finish writing my online course and get it out there. What is it for you?   Don’t be thinking, “Oh, I’ve no time, Lisa!” Don’t give me that bullshit, I won’t let you get out of this. It’s your life and “I don’t have time,” is a pathetic excuse. Sorry, but it is. I won’t lie to you. There’s always time, it’s all about how and what you prioritise.   Put it this way, if you needed to rush a loved one to hospital, you’d find the time, right? Course you would. Well, nobody needs rushing to hospital so use that time you’ve saved there for your thing.   So, write down that thing you want to do.   Mine is: “I want to finish & deliver my online course.”   Now your turn:   “I want to……”  

3) Write down the date you want it to happen.  

Mine is: “I want to finish & deliver my online course on 1st January 2015.” (FARK!!! Yes, even a life coach shits herself when she writes a goal with a date – it’s fucking scary, man. But we’re doing it anyway.)  

Your turn: “I want to………………………… on…………………”  

Well bloody done!  

4) Project yourself into the date above and imagine you’ve got this thing done (or started), and complete the following statements:  

  1. My life will be better because……
  2. b. Someone else’s life will be better because……
  3. c. When I’ve got this thing done (or started) I will feel……

  Here’s mine:

  1. My life will be better because… I’ll have proved to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. b. Someone else’s life will be better because … they will have access to a course that will support and accelerate them to their best and happiest self. c. When I’ve got this thing done I will feel … amazing! Relieved! Like a weight has been lifted! A sense of fulfillment!

  Your turn! When I’ve got this thing done (or started):

  1. My life will be better because…… b. Someone else’s life will be better because……. c. When I’ve got this thing done (or started) I will feel……

There are no right or wrong answers, just put what’s coming to you.   Come on, it’ll take you less than a couple of minutes. Do it now, it’s more than worth the effort.   5) Write in your diary, or on your calendar, or on a note and stick it on your mirror / computer / in your wallet/purse the date that you’ll have this done (or started) by.   If you want extra accountability, write it onto my Facebook page!   Come on, let’s not waste any more of your precious life procrastinating, just do it now.   So, let’s look what you’ve just done. You’ve:  

  • created a goal for yourself
  • put a date on it
  • figured out some reasons why you want it
  • committed to it by writing it down.

In, like, five minutes! Wahey!  

We just need to make sure you stick at it by dealing with your procrastination and excuses. Yes, I have these as well, so these blog posts are just as useful to me as they are to you – haha! Seriously! We’re doing this together. Well, this is already becoming an epic tale so I’ll stop here and direct you now to a  new post with instructions on how to get around your procrastination and excuses. If I get round to it. (Ha! Just kidding! Go here!)  

It’s ace so make sure you read it straight away!  

Sweetheart, I want YOU to do well. See you in the next post. Bring your bit of paper.  

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