Why “Everyone” is a Coach

Why everyone is a coach

I was at a ladies networking event the other night and I overheard a gobby woman say, “Everyone’s a coach these days…”

I wanted to march over there and say:

“That’s simply not true. Not everyone’s a coach. Most people are in jobs that suck their fucking soul dry. Look around you – most of the women here are wearing green stickers [we all wear little round stickers at this particular event, and a green sticker means “I’m looking for inspiration”] which means that they’re not satisfied; they want change!

“The reason so many people who work for themselves get into coaching is because they give a shit about the happiness of other human beings and want to help them get off the go-to-work-go-home-and-watch-the-telly-lather-rinse-repeat treadmill and into living a joyful and fulfilling life.”

I had it all set up in my head what to say to her but then the presenter started talking and I was brought up not to talk over the top of them, so I kept it to myself. Should totally have said it anyway, right?

If you’re looking for inspiration to get off the go-to-work-go-home-and-watch-the-telly-lather-rinse-repeat treadmill, you’re in exactly the right place! Watch my video here to find out how I help my clients get that deep sense of fulfilment from life.

Watch the video here.