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A Bell & A Key

I sheltered from the storm that was brewing, tucked under the canopy of a wooden beach cafe that was locked up with circular whicker chairs crammed inside. I noticed how different this exact same spot looked only 48 hours after I was last here. Two days ago, the sun was glorious, the water was calm, […]

Let go of what’s holding you back

It’s 6:30 here in Istanbul, Turkey, and I was woken almost two hours ago by the light through the white chiffon curtains around the four poster bed, and the seagulls having a noisy chat about breakfast. I’m in my room in an AirBnB overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, Turkey… And I feel inspired to tell you […]

Living Unconventionally

Talking with the charming Britany Felix of the Living Unconventionally Podcast about my journey of living a seemingly perfect life in London to giving it all up to move to a monastery in Nepal. We also talk about how I’ve been traveling the world ever since, why I didn’t like Barcelona, why travelers are able […]

How to Uncover your Passion

Find out how I discovered my own “Hell Yes” during a weekend workshop. Understand why I didn’t feel fulfilled at a 9-5 that should have felt fulfilling. Listen to what I do to help my clients identify their purpose. Know the difference between something that’s Important with a capital “I” and something that authentically lights […]