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A Bell & A Key

I sheltered from the storm that was brewing, tucked under the canopy of a wooden beach cafe that was locked up with circular whicker chairs crammed inside. I noticed how different this exact same spot looked only 48 hours after I was last here. Two days ago, the sun was glorious, the water was calm, […]

Freedom Lifestyle – How I Did It

People often tell me I’m “lucky” to have a life of travel, sunsets and beach views, and so I’m going to reveal how I’ve done it:   I WORKED HARD AT SCHOOL …to maintain my individuality in spite of them trying to force me to conform. I STUDIED AT UNIVERSITY …as an adult, and dropped […]

Let go of what’s holding you back

It’s 6:30 here in Istanbul, Turkey, and I was woken almost two hours ago by the light through the white chiffon curtains around the four poster bed, and the seagulls having a noisy chat about breakfast. I’m in my room in an AirBnB overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, Turkey… And I feel inspired to tell you […]

Living Unconventionally

Talking with the charming Britany Felix of the Living Unconventionally Podcast about my journey of living a seemingly perfect life in London to giving it all up to move to a monastery in Nepal. We also talk about how I’ve been traveling the world ever since, why I didn’t like Barcelona, why travelers are able […]

Overcoming the Fear of Change

Excellent interview with David Taylor of the Mobius Breakfast Podcast! We began by discussing how emotions are spread from one person to another. Whether positive or negative, emotions impact our daily lives so by becoming aware of our emotions and the emotions of those around us, we can choose how we want to live. I […]

How to Uncover your Passion

Find out how I discovered my own “Hell Yes” during a weekend workshop. Understand why I didn’t feel fulfilled at a 9-5 that should have felt fulfilling. Listen to what I do to help my clients identify their purpose. Know the difference between something that’s Important with a capital “I” and something that authentically lights […]

Being Present

Such a timely interview for me with Judy Hoberman of the Selling in a Skirt Podcast as personally I am focusing on “just being” right now in my life and her topic for discussion was “Being Present”. Everyday we are all busy with work or school or family or friends or social media or a […]