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Should I Take A Pay Cut To Be Happier?

  “Lisa, can you tell me what I should be doing for a living?”   Absolutely – it usually takes me about 15-20 minutes to figure that out. Easy peasy.   “So, why the hell is your programme two months long?!”   Haha, bless you. Because it’s the HOW you should be doing it that […]

I Want To Quit My Job! (Why You Should Wait)

I WANT TO QUIT MY JOB! Here’s why you should WAIT!   I’m guilty of having walked out of jobs – oh my word – I don’t even know how many times over my life! Like, literally somebody (usually the boss) has pissed me right off so I’ve grabbed my stuff and walked out. And […]

A Bell & A Key

I sheltered from the storm that was brewing, tucked under the canopy of a wooden beach cafe that was locked up with circular whicker chairs crammed inside. I noticed how different this exact same spot looked only 48 hours after I was last here. Two days ago, the sun was glorious, the water was calm, […]

Freedom Lifestyle – How I Did It

People often tell me I’m “lucky” to have a life of travel, sunsets and beach views, and so I’m going to reveal how I’ve done it:   I WORKED HARD AT SCHOOL …to maintain my individuality in spite of them trying to force me to conform. I STUDIED AT UNIVERSITY …as an adult, and dropped […]